Are you smitten and in a rush to tie the knot?

New 24-hour marriage license law advances in Louisiana

Tahj Watkins
BATON ROUGE, La (LOCAL 33) (FOX 44) – Are you smitten and in a rush to tie the knot? You’re in luck.

The waiting period to get married in Louisiana has been shortened under a bill headed by the Governor.

The Louisiana Wedding Association announced that this new law will make marriage certificates valid in Louisiana after a 24-hour period.

This strategically positions Louisiana as the most romantic state to get married within a rapid license turn around time.

According to a news release, Governor Edwards signed the bill into law on May 22, 2018 and it will go into effect on August 1, 2018.

Originally proposed by Rep. Julie Emerson of Lafayette, the new rule drops the wait from the issuance of the legal binding document to the ceremony from a 72-hour duration.

Louisiana license law drops wedding wait time from 3 days to 24 hours

A new Louisiana law will reduce the wait for a marriage license from three days to one. The law takes effect Aug. 1. Currently, people looking to wed in the state have to wait 72 hours to get a license.

Reverend Tony Talavera runs the French Quarter Wedding Chapel. As president of the Louisiana Wedding Association, he lobbied for the law this spring.

Talavera said the change will increase the number of destination weddings in the state and boost tourism.

“If we make it easier for them to come to Louisiana to get married, they’ll come,” Talavera said. “We’re a romantic state. If I need to prove it to anyone, I’ll grab my violinist, I’ll grab a bottle of champagne, I’ll grab the carriage, we’ll stroll through the quarter and I’ll show them what romance is about.”

Talavera said there is already a couple set to be the first one to get married under the new law. That wedding is set to take place in City Park on Aug. 2, 24 hours after the law takes effect.

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