Member Benefits

There are many benefits as a member of this fantastic community of businesses in the industry.

  • Access to our entire content ecosystem, spreading your message across platforms including print, digital and social media
  • New member recognition
  • Invitations to LWA sponsored events such as: Networking-business card exchanges and seminars with inspirational speakers
  • Opportunity to be involved on any committee that would benefit your business, with an open-door policy
  • Public awareness of your discount offers. Especially those offered to the Military
  • Lobbying representation for the wedding industry
  • Representatives marketing on your behalf worldwide on an ongoing basis to promote Louisiana as the premier wedding destination. Marketing Louisiana at regional, national and international trade shows
  • Ongoing advertisements in national and international wedding publications and bridal magazines. Saving our members considerable advertising expenses
  • Monthly newsletter including updates in the wedding industry
  • Membership card, sticker for your store and business
  • Regular Association events
  • Member discounts with our partners
  • Networking opportunities, we help you connect
  • Regular PR and media activities for the Louisiana Wedding Industry

Jump-start your business and become a member of the Louisiana Wedding Association!